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INSIDE VOICES is a dynamic and original a cappella gospel choir under the musical and creative direction of SHEILAH CUFFY.

It is multicultural and multiracial with members from Japan, United States, England, France, Brazil, Costa Rica, Argentina, Guinea Equatorial and of course, Spain, the country where the choir was founded in 1997. As a result of this cultural mix, they also come from diverse religious backgrounds such as Catholic, Buddhist and Protestant, yet as a choir they come together with one goal: to share their love of singing and the universal language of the world: music.

The repertoire includes traditional gospel songs, contemporary gospel and soul and pop classics. All songs are chosen for their social commentary and are performed with joy and positivity with a decidedly funky feel.

Individually and collectively they have recorded many adverts for television and radio and also worked with a number of Spanish artists such as Enrique and Estrella Morente, Sergio Dalma, Paloma San Basilio, Ketama, Rafael, Tamara, Carlos Baute Monica Naranjo, Santiago and Luís Auseron.

In a world where each day we are separated for religious, racial and political motives, INSIDE VOICES , is a choir that unites, opening minds and hearts of their public with a message of love, peace, harmony, equality and freedom.



“We need more love in society
We need more love to set us free...”


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