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In her trajectory as a singer, Sheilah Cuffy has proved to be a versatile artist, working in the worlds of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Dance, House, Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Reggae…


As a singer she has a special and distinctive vocal quality and talent, yet also triumphs for her explosive personality and charisma on stage. She is an intuitive presenter and communicator and a natural comic with a surprising capacity for humour and improvisation.

She composes, directs choirs and is a talented and gifted teacher… To sum it all up, she is an artist of immeasurable talent and has the added bonus of always being accompanied by the best musicians and singers.

With the voice of Sheilah Cuffy any combination is a class act.

Sheilah Cuffy is available for concerts, appearances in clubs and discos, music festivals, private parties, presentations, conferences, recordings, workshops and singing courses, etc.


1- The Sheilah Cuffy Project see more

With her band of 7 musicians and 3 backing vocalists, Sheilah presents her original material with a repertoire that is dynamic, versatile, vibrant and extremely funky! . ¬ see repertoire

2- House Diva

Live vocals accompanied by high quality playbacks of her hits of house and dance music, with a selection of covers of some classic house tracks. ¬ see repertoire

3- Party Queen

Live vocals accompanied by high quality playbacks of disco classics from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, a nostalgic collection that animates any party or event. ¬ see repertoire

4- Sheilah Cuffy with Inside Voices
see more

Her a capella gospel choir with a varied repertoire of traditional and modern gospel of the most funky to get everyone singing and dancing along.

5- Just the 2 of US

Voice and piano or guitar with a repertoire of classic songs and ballads of soul, pop, jazz and blues for a more intimate combination that tugs at the heart strings. ¬ see repertoire

6- So Smooth…

Voice and jazz quartet with a smooth sophisticated repertoire for a chill out mood. ¬ see repertoire

7- Funky Party Band

Voice and band of 5 to 10 musicians with a strictly party repertoire of soul and funk classics to get the party started! ¬ see repertoire

8- Feel It! Believe It!
    Share It With The World!!

Gospel Workshops and Singing Courses ¬ see more