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The Sheilah Cuffy Project


“SHARING, LOVING, GIVING” - THE SHEILAH CUFFY PROJECT is the band and personal project of this British singer.

It is an ambitious musical project which has taken form over the last few years under the guidance of this prodigious voice. The focal points of this formation are the personality and emotive vocal interpretations of Sheilah, with a style that combines the colours and strengths of soul, jazz and rhythm and blues, the resulting fusion a unique sound with an unmistakable flavour of funk. Add to this, the talent and musicality of her musicians and backing vocalists for an explosive combination.

THE SHEILAH CUFFY PROJECT’s repertoire is a collection of vibrant compositions from her first album “SHARING, LOVING, GIVING”, as yet unreleased. With melodies and lyrics full of sentiment and rhythm THE SHEILAH CUFFY PROJECT shares with us soul, jazz and funk, elegance, pure energy, asks questions and offers some answers, with heart and soul and a whole lot of love.

The majority of the songs are originals, written by Sheilah in collaboration with Javier Garayalde Jr. and Luis Garayalde from the Spanish Nu-jazz group Wagon Cookin, with whom she worked as singer and songwriter on their albums “Appetizers” (2002) and “Two Faces” (2007)

Also essential in the set are a few soul classics such as What’s Going On”: Marvin Gaye, “Ain’t Nobody”: Chaka Khan and “Ain’t No Sunshine”: Bill Withers. The band takes on the classic formation of the great bands from the seventies, with five musicians (drums, bass, keyboards, guitar and percussion), a three piece horn section (tenor sax, alto sax and trombone) and three luxurious backing vocalists.

To date THE SHEILAH CUFFY PROJECT has performed in The San Sebastián Jazz Festival, The Madrid Jazz Festival, several popular jazz bars in Madrid as well as in Barcelona, Palma Mallorca, Portugal and Greece.

In its November edition of 2009, the Spanish magazine, ENLACE FUNK released in a 7” single of the band, with the songs “Beautiful Day” and “P.O.L: Pleasure Of Life”.


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