Having fun with singing!

The Spirit Within

All Good People Got Soul!!

Recording Techniques for Singers/
Backing Singers

Song Interpretation Level 1

Song Interpretation Level 2

Song Interpretation for Castings and Auditions

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Workshops and Courses

Gospel and Interpretation

After many years of experience in the world of music and theatre, for Sheilah, the emotion and the communication that comes through singing is by far the most important.

Her motto is:

With this objective, she offers these gospel workshops and song interpretation courses in which she seeks to transmit all that she has learned and shared.



Having Fun With Singing!

Do you love to sing… but only sing in the shower, or in the car or at family parties?

Dedicated to a cappella song interpretation, this class is for people who love to sing and are looking for ways to express themselves freely with song. It is a group class using relaxation, and simple, fun vocal exercises and improvisation, helping each person to find their voice, not only for use in the shower!

Repertoire: Soul, pop and gospel

Level: For everyone who loves to sing!


The Spirit Within

An Introduction To The History Of Gospel Music

This is an opportunity to travel across the history of gospel music with song, exploring the different stages of the evolution of this wonderful music from its beginnings in the cotton fields, through to negro spirituals, the introduction of blues and jazz, gospel music as the background of the civil rights movement and coming to modern gospel, which now includes soul, funk, jazz, pop and rap music.

In each moment we share this music which is so powerful and emotive, the focus always being to explore, feel and enjoy without analyzing. The force of the voices of many united for the same cause; liberation, dignity, salvation, hope and simply to celebrate life itself.

Level: Everyone welcome!


All Good People Got Soul!!

Master Class for Choirs

As director of a gospel choir for the past 12 years, in this class Sheilah works her particular form of direction, concentrating on the interpretation, rhythm, stage presentation, blending and most importantly, transmitting the feeling and the energy of the songs to the public.

As a result of this, the choir is renovated with a greater dynamic, vitality and energy which enhance the overall performance of any choir.


Recording Techniques for Singers/ Backing Singers

This is a intensive course which starts with work on vocal arrangements and the disciplines of harmonizing, blending, concentration and precision necessary for studio work. Then we relocate to a recording studio where we put into practice what we have learned, defining the differences between the techniques for singing live in concerts and singing for studio work.

Level: Intermediate.


Song Interpretation Level 1

A course that covers the space sometimes forgotten between vocal technique class and singing live in concert.


Interpretation, emotional and dramatic expression

Analysis of lyrics, rhythm and melody of the song

Exploration of ways to link vocal style and vocal technique with the emotions of the song

Investigating personal vocal style

Developing more confidence and freedom when singing

Posture and stage presentation and awareness

Use of microphone

Better communication with the pianist or other musician

The connection with the public which is essential as an artist

The value of working in and as a group: with each student benefiting from the progress and input of other group members

The concert at the end of the course will be recorded and the course will finish with a session of analysis of performance

Repertoire: Modern music.

Level: The candidates must have an understanding of basic vocal technique.


Song Interpretation Level 2

A course for people who have already done Song Interpretation Level 1 and want more of everything!!


Performing 2 songs of different styles and registers

Sing with a band of professional musicians

Collaborate with fellow students doing backing vocals and/or duos

Creating choreographies

This is an intensive course, where we simulate the rhythm of a professional commitment, that is, everything should be ready yesterday!!

Level: For people who have participated in Song Interpretation Level 1 or have some performance experience


Song Interpretation for Castings and Auditions

A vocal audition? Tomorrow? What do I sing? And how?!!

A course for people who want to perfect their performance skills, vocal technique, find their own style and self confidence when it comes to auditions


Choose the right song according to the type of audition and at the same time make the most of your voice and your own style

Expand repertoire

Transmit the emotional and dramatic content of the song

Get used to working with a pianist

Adapt and define the arrangement, tempo and key of the song to your own needs

Get to feel comfortable in your own skin and identify the presentation that best suits your piece

Be able to select movements that complement the song, without compromising the singing

Arrive with a positive attitude and enjoy!

Repertoire: Musicals, standards or any modern music.

Level: The candidates must have an understanding of vocal technique.


Vocal “Coaching”

Individual classes for singers with a specific objective or project:

The recording of their album

A tour.

Important concerts

A new repertoire

Level: Intermediate to advanced